A Compilation Of My Poetry :)

Living in Oblivion

Once upon a treetop tall,
I conceived that I was rather small.
Just another human being,
With open eyes, but never seeing;
The one that seeks my hand to hold,
The love that seeps into my soul,
Those queued waiting, to be my friend,
Or where I need to make amends.
I’m meandering with attentive ears,
But silencing my childish fears.
I’m alive, but I’m not living; 
Caring, sharing and giving. 
I crave to breathe, I need to feel,
Cherished, elated, free and real.
His love still lingers in my heart,
But nothing alike our jubilant start;
I’m stuck on the one that tore me apart.
I long to soar, above the open sea,
Venture and find the best of me.
We’ve all lost sense of how to live,
Confined by money and low confidence.
So take a leap and sense the thrill,
Forget about that thousand dollar bill.
Experience the world like there’s no tomorrow,
Because time, my friend, you cannot borrow.
So open wide and really look,
Further than the cover of the book.
Darling, wake up, this life won’t suffice,
Tonight, we enter paradise.

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